Wake-up Call

Yesterday morning, head still foggy with sleep, I went to wash my hands in the company bathroom, and as soon as the water started running, a giant spider, big as the width of my (admittedly tiny) palm, skittered out at me, causing a mild cardiac event.

After staring at it for a moment, perched defiantly on the side of the sink, I determined it had claimed that space as its own. Not one for violent confrontations, especially before nine a.m., I nodded to it and slid over to the other sink. ‘If you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you,’ I thought, as that has been my lifelong philosophy towards insects and arachnids of all kinds. ‘There is plenty of space here for the both of us,’ I thought, and put my hands under the faucet.

Immediately upon turning on the water, a moth flew out of the second sink into my face.

I was not pleased.

It’s times like these I am humbly reminded that, given the chance, nature will DESTROY and CONSUME us, until IT is ALL. Forget the robot apocalypse! The victors at the end of the world will be the little critters we blithely swat at. When the time is right and we are at our most vulnerable, they will creep up on us like a person with a rolled-up newspaper and take us DOWN.

Serves us right, I guess.

Until that happens, though…good one, guys. Way to prank me into alertness. I bow to your superior strategic thinking and many, many limbs.


One thought on “Wake-up Call

  1. Glenn Johnson Reply

    I commend you on your self-control when it comes to spiders. I know many people who would have solved the spider encroachment by burning down the apartment.

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